Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Weekend Beach Trip!

This summer we will be carrying Ann McGuire's hand printed tees. I've been looking for the perfect t-shirt that is unique and eye-catching. I told Ann when she came by last week that each one reminded me of somewhere different. There is one that is butter yellow and she is going to special print white on this. I imagine it with a pair of white denim and some hoops - boho chic for summer!

Love these rope bracelets from Ropes of Maine. I was late to the game on this item and although you will not find these at can get one at Bishop Boutique on King Street - our neighbor and Old Town Boutique District mate.
I'm a fan of the bikini - probably because I'm built like a boy and feel like a child in a one piece. Melissa Odabash makes the best swimwear. I first found her bathing suits at The Sugar Mill on Harbour Island. I always check out her new colors and styles for Hysteria. The first year there was a learning curve with getting acquainted with the sizing - which is true but when you are wearing a bikini, most of us size up to get a little extra coverage.

Morra Designs is this fabulous jewelry company with Heather Morra at the helm. She is one of the funniest and most engaging women I've met. I went to her studio in New York and I was the kid in a candy store where all the wonderful jewelry was a delight to my sense of style. This piece is akin to "the vacation watch" which is my kind of concept. It's on your wrist but do you really care what time it is?

The best shirt for summer - you have a print, some color, and it softens over time. Sure to be a classic.

Gold hoops - my go to earring and I've had these for over two years and they continue to look great. There is a size that everyone will love.

It's part of my summer at the beach. I love white cut-offs but there is something so retro about denim cut-offs and a bikini top, bare feet and a pair of RayBans.

I love my little fish...they will follow your cursor and if you click you will leave them some food. Summertime fun!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Swimwear at Hysteria

This summer we have three great swimsuit brands for our clients. Melissa Odabash, a favorite of Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, Leona Collection and Manuel Canovas. All are quality items and each style can suit different ages and body types.

Melissa Odabash Bahamas suit was a best seller last year in black and this year we are offering the blue. Very elegant and sophisticated especially with our cover ups.

The Milano from Melissa Odabash is another fantastic one piece with ruching in the front. Here it is shown with a cute pair of shorts.

For the younger women or the young at heart, Leona provides some flattering silhouettes. The peach and beige bikini with ruffles has demanded everyone's attention. How adorable and flirty this bikini will be poolside or on powder-like sands with aqua blue water as a back drop.

One of our best cover ups is the Dora and it comes in three colors. Apricot, Green and a french terry beige. These can be worn over your swimsuit as you pull off the beach for a cool beverage or some lunch and also can be worn with one of our Snug camisoles with some white denim. A great item to pack for a trip for it's double purpose.

The Berlin from Melissa Odabash has been selling extremely well due to it's elegant lines and underwire support. This suit is also able to go strapless as there is an additional strap across the back to keep it up when you untie the halter straps.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin

As Mother's Day approaches, I would like to honor Maurice Sendak. I can recite an entire litany of songs from "Chicken Soup with Rice". "Alligator's All Around", "One Was Johnny" and "Pierre"... I know them all. And "Where the Wild Things Are" was perhaps the first book I purchased when I was pregnant with my daughter. I knew I would want to share the fascinating story of Max and his journey to where the wild things are. I just happen to find the movie version this past weekend with the most adorable child actor playing Max and Catherine Keener playing the mother. The mark of a great children's book that you remember as a child is when you read it again as an adult, the story impacts you in a totally different way. The movie explores the reality of growing up - and the "wild things" are dealing with very adult issues. All pretty heady but so is growing up. Yet there is still something comforting about finding this reality in one of your favorite children's books. Thank you Maurice Sendak for sharing your imagination.

Silk Pajamas

So often I have wondered when that turning point was for wearing your workout clothing all day. Maybe some marketing team established the idea to create great looking work out wear that could migrate to the market, the pick up line at school... By no means am I exempt from this occurrence, but being one to push the envelope to the next level I'm all for the PJ look for anytime of day. Recently the Wall Street Journal style section reference Teen Vogue and their article on Prom Style and the silk pajamas.

As a frequent follower of the Tory Burch blog I discovered the Luella PJ set. It was pretty much love at first sight. These have been one of the more satisfying purchases for me in quite some time and it's because of how many times I get to wear them. I actually wore the top to our annual Warehouse Sale at the Masonic Temple - what else do you wear when you have to get up at the crack of dawn and prepare for an entire day of selling merchandise at the deepest discounts of the year?

If I were going to prom (the idea makes me giggle at what I did wear to my prom) - I would definitely consider the silk PJ. As for buyer's choice at Hysteria, I'm considering bringing Equipment silk PJs in for that perfect luxury gift. I assure you, this will be money well spent - especially when you consider the ever justifying "cost per wear" equation! Let me know if you want to be alerted when we get them.

Fresh Spring Hair Styles

Part of my job is to find great clothing for Hysteria. Inevitably my clients ask me how to style their selections. So my passion for all things stylish come into play along with my love for hair and makeup. Here are some great ideas for how to make that perfect effortless but chic ponytail and a new take on a casual up do.

The French Girl Ponytail

“Chic but not overdone,” was how Bumble + bumble stylist Travis Speck described the cool, French-girl-inspired ponytail seen at Wes Gordon. That windswept texture can be achieved by misting on Bumble + bumble Prep, Thickening Hairspray and Surf Spray before blowdrying (or just step out in the breeze, we think) followed by a dusting of White Hair Powder to give strands some grip. Then gather hair into a big, loose pony that slightly swoops over the ears, and wrap a few strands around the base of the tail. Et viola, you’re done.

A Fresh Alternative to the Casual Up Do

To achieve it, sweep hair back high and off the face (no part necessary). Flip the ponytail forward and pin with a thin clip about two inches from the base. Then flip the ponytail back down toward the nape of the neck and secure with a second clip to create the playful bump.


Can't wait to find out what Chanel's next fabulous color will be!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

50's Style Dress Trend

One of the best dresses in the store currently. The silhouette is universally flattering and all you need to love are the spaghetti straps. Ideal for a day with friends having brunch or an outdoor wedding. This was on the Spring '12 runway.